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Fieldwork Journal #5

Today was my last day working with Natalie. While I was ready to get out of the slightly chaotic environment, I am going to miss seeing her and knowing how she is doing. Today was a pretty easy day for her. I had one assessment for her to do. The assessment I chose was from the Qualitative Reading Inventory. I used the second grade level because that was the word list she performed best on (she has also been telling me lately that she is now back at that reading level). She performed generally at the instructional level on this assessment, and I was quite pleased. I think she could tell. I even recorded her reading the oral portion of the assessment. It is a great resource to have. When I was trying to prepare her for this assessment, she was playing with a dictionary and another small toy. I took both from her and told her she could have them back when we were done. This caused her to jump right in and start with me!

One thing I found interesting was the word she picked out of the dictionary. She went to a page that had five of the longest words on it, and told me her favorite one was “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” She read it and told me the meaning. I informed Natalie that it was from a movie, Mary Poppins. She was shocked and seemed very interested when I told her this. She hadn’t seen the movie, but apparently her mother had. She was somewhat familiar with it.

Looking back on my time with Natalie, I wish I had done some of the word list assessments a little bit sooner. That way I might have changed my area of focus and moved to a more basic approach to Natalie. She seemed to have trouble with decoding, and I worked mostly with her comprehension skills. While the teachers I talked to told me that was where she struggled, I certainly noticed struggles elsewhere and wish I would have been able to do more for her.

Even though I didn’t exactly cover all I wanted to, I still hope I left an impact. All three of the girls I worked with gave me hugs and told me not to leave. They were pretty upset when I told them I wouldn’t be coming back. Overall, it was a great experience, and I feel like I learned so much. Thank you all for keeping up with my blog!


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