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Fieldwork Journal #4

When I went on April 30, I got right to work with Natalie. Since I noticed that she has been having trouble with decoding, I decided to try a strategy with her that would visualize the word for her and make it easier for her to sound out. When she came across a word she didn’t know, we would stop reading and I would write the word on a piece of paper and cut it into chunks that I thought would make sense and be easy to sound out. Usually it was cut into syllables. Then I used a ‘say it, move it mat’ and put the piece of the word in there. We moved them down one at a time and she sounded out the word. She ended up getting most of the words using this strategy. I think it worked really well for her. This proves to me that she is a visual learner and works best when things are laid out for her. We spent a lot of time reading together today. I gave her a miscue analysis on a couple pages from a book called Turtle’s Small Pond that my cooperating teacher had lent to me near the beginning of my work there. She had a lot of great resources that were made available to us. Natalie did very well on this assessment with a couple of errors that she self-corrected, so she ended up getting 100%. I could tell she was pleased. I wanted to make her feel confident so I’m glad she performed so well.

Before that though, she had a little bit of trouble. In my last reflection, I talked about how I gave Natalie the fourth grade word list, even though I knew she wasn’t at that level. I tried it anyway and didn’t get the best results. This time I decided to try giving her the third grade word list, which is the reading level she is supposedly on. I was shocked at how frustrated and discouraged she became. We didn’t make it through 5 words before I asked her if she wanted to try another one. Natalie just sat there holding her head, squinting at the page. I felt so bad and was very surprised that this one caused more frustration than the one that was supposed to be harder. We moved down to the second grade word list and she did better with this list, but she was still at the frustration level. A lot of her miscues were minor errors. She really knew the words; she just didn’t pronounce them fully or add all of the letters. She really should have done better. I think I will try this list again at our last meeting.

My last day is tomorrow, May 7, and I plan on doing one comprehension assessment with her that will be from the second grade level, since that is where she had the most success with the word lists. We sill see how that goes! Also, I finally snuck a picture of her. ☺



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