Carolyn's EDU344 Blog

Fieldwork Journal #1

Going into my first day at Estabrook Elementary, I knew that it was going to be diverse. I haven’t really been exposed to too much diversity in the classroom setting, so this is definitely a new and exciting experience for me. Right when I arrived, the teacher immediately gave me a student to work with; I’ll refer to her as Natalie. Ms. Christensen said that she loves to read to people. She also told me that Natalie meets with someone from the ISD a couple days a week, and they are currently working on an ICT with her. (I forgot to write down what that stood for, so I’ll get back to that!)

Natalie and I went out to the hall and she read me a book about snow monkeys. Her teacher informed me that she loves animals, so I shared my love for animals with her as well, trying to make her feel comfortable and at ease. As she began to read, I tried to subtly take notes, as I didn’t want her to get nervous or distracted by my writing. I’m not sure what reading level the book was, but there were some words even I didn’t know in it. (It might be because they were Japanese words!) I took note of some of her miscues as well. I noticed that when she didn’t know a word, she paused and kind of looked at me, as if she wanted me to spoon feed her the word. I helped her out this time since it was our first interaction. If she made an error, I just let her go. If Natalie didn’t know a word but knew the first letter, she often guessed. For example, she changed “scratching” to “searching” and “forests” to “frosted”. She also confused “strong” for shaggy, and then later on “short” for “strong”. These weren’t huge errors, but they definitely changed meaning. She would also occasionally omit endings of words. We were in the hall, so when other classes walked by, she seemed a little distracted.

When I took Natalie back into the room, the ISD teacher she works, Marla, with was in there and informed me about Natalie and her situation a little bit more. Going into this, I was trying to figure out what specific skill to focus on with her. Marla told me that they have been working with Natalie on retelling, so that is definitely somewhere to start. She is in 4th grade, and was reading around a 2nd grade reading level at the beginning of the year. They got her into the 3rd grade level, I believe, so I will be reading a couple different books with her next time to see where exactly she is right now. Marla asked me to help and maybe send some of the little assessments I do home in her backpack with her. She was thrilled that I would be working for her as well, and they are also hoping to use my work for her records. It looks like I will be using Natalie for my case study, and I look forward to getting to know her a little bit better tomorrow! Ms. Christensen also has a ton of materials and books that already have miscue assessments with them, so I definitely have a place to start. I’m excited to continue this experience!


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